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Around two thousand years ago, there was a trial that changed history. Jesus Christ was dragged before the Roman politician who had to make the fateful choice that would place the Messiah on the cross. Who was this man, Pontius Pilate?

The life of Pilate dramatically comes to life in this world premiere. Judea was a difficult part of the Roman Empire and part of Pilate's responsibility was to keep peace and stability in the land that he governed. Filled with danger, political intrigue, love and history-- this story will grip you and bring you face-to-face with the politician, the husband, the servant, the man—Pontius Pilate.

Join us as we meet the man and revisit the dramatic week that we call Passion Week. Powerfully presented, this production will remind you of the timeless message of the gospel and that the words of the New Testament still ring true today!
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